The EndWar

The EndWar-my experiment in a new Tabletop RPG Experience
Your mind provides the graphics

Hey guys! Welcome to my experiment in tabletop gaming. This is an attempt to bring the fast paced action of such video games as God of War, Devil May Cry, Darksiders, etc into a table top RPG experience.

Am I sacrificing RP elements to make something ‘faster’? No. The story IS still key, as well as interaction between players and NPCs. However, the sheer breadth of scope that will be included and featured *QUITE * heavily in the combat sequences, I need something that allowed almost real time combat.

By adapting the Tri-Stat dX rules and those found in BESM 3rd, I have created a combat system that features combos like the aforementioned video games from whence I was inspired.

I will be going in depth here as the system continues to develop, showing you how I build it. Play testing is around 2 weeks away or so, so please check back periodically. I am also adding ‘power/item cards’, but they are more for flavor than actual use.

Feel free to comment as we get things going and feel free to fire away with questions, criticisms and comments!


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