The story so far…

When war between Heaven and hell threatened the foundations of the universe, several Old gods banded together and offered to act as The Balance. These gods and other celestials forewent their right to souls in the Grand Battle in order to maintain the balance of all. They became known as the Pantheon. As stipulated in the Accord agreed upon by Heaven, Hell and the Pantheon, all sides gave up a large portion of their Universal Powers and Aspects known as War, Death, Conquest, Pestilence. These powers were given to four acolytes who became the Riders, or the Four Horsemen. They became the enforcers of the Pantheon, only released to restore balance if either side broke the Accord. The Riders are also tasked with ending all, reaching their full Exaltation once the Seventh Seal is broken and the EndWar begins. Once the EndWar begins, all sides are free to unleash their full Wrath upon the universe.

That was all before the Usurper arrived, before his tongue held sway over Angelic Hosts and Demon Lords, Over mighty gods and brutal titans. Before he secretly amassed armies of angels Demons, Giants, Gods, Titans and began his own EndWar.

Earth is ruined, Pantheon City is beginning to burn And the Riders are lost.

The remaining gods must exalt new acolytes.

There must always be Riders. Balance must be regained. They must stop the Usurper and recover the Seventh Seal…






A whole universe is against them.

The EndWar

The endwar